Unless you are converting a foreign licence, it is necessary to have passed both components of the driving theory test before sitting the Practical Driving Test. Passing the practical test then entitles you to hold a full UK driving licence. The practical driving test is designed to see if you:

  • can drive safely in different road and traffic conditions

  • know the Highway Code and can show this through your driving ability

The practical car test can be taken in either a manual or an automatic car; if the test is passed in an automatic car, then the full licence granted will be restricted to automatic cars. Jewels Auto specialises in instruction in automatic cars.

The practical car test is taken on the road, with a professionally trained DVSA examiner directing you around a pre-determined route. The examiner marks you for driving faults, serious faults, and dangerous faults. You will fail the test if you accumulate any serious or dangerous faults, or more than fifteen driving faults. If you accumulate several driving faults in the same category, the examiner may consider the fault habitual and mark a serious fault in that category. The test usually lasts 38 to 40 minutes in a standard test, or approximately 70 minutes if you are taking an extended test after having had your licence revoked.

You must produce your provisional licence for the examiner before the test starts. As long as you show the standard required, you'll pass your driving test.




You can apply online for your Provisional Driving Licence directly with DVLA.


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