Why Automatics?

Simple! They're easier.  Easier to learn in - easier to pass in.

Is the Driving Theory Test the same?

Yes, it's the same for both manual and automatic driving.

Is it quicker to learn in an automatic car?

Yes,  gears and clutch control can take many lessons to master in a manual car.

Is it easier to pass the driving test in an automatic car?

We believe that it is. We have a pass rate of around 85%, with many of those passing with very few minor marks.

Can anyone learn?

As long as you’re willing and keen , aged 17 to 97  then yes!!

I have failed before in a manual car. Am I suitable to learn in an automatic?

Absolutely! Especially if you struggled with gears, clutch , hill starts and getting onto roundabouts - you'll find automatics a breeze.

What car will I learn in?

They all differ, but for example the Toyota Yaris Hybrid.

If you have any other questions that we haven't covered here, just contact us and we'll be happy to set your mind at ease.





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